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Therapeutic Massage

With over 28 years of experience, Sandra offers a multi-modality approach for relief of headache, chronic back, shoulder and neck pain. She believes that release can come from a place of easing pain not creating it.

Treatments provided may incorporate use of heat/cold therapy, muscle gels, aromatherapy and/or cupping – always with client consent and client comfort in mind.

45 Min – $95     60 Min – $165    75 Min – $145     90 Min – $165

Slow Fix

This relaxation focused treatment pairs with Aromatherapy and heat, using slower rhythmical techniques designed to help calm the nervous system and release discomfort with ease. It is typically an upper body treatment and is perfect for those seeking gentle relief from muscle pain or headache, along with stress relief from overwhelm, burnout, grief or trauma. 75 or 90 minute sessions are recommended for a full body treatment.

60 Min – $125     75 Min – $145     90 Min – $165

Targeted Treatments

For those who prefer deeper more focused work. This 45 or 60 minute massage aims to address one or two specific areas of concern – chronic back, shoulder &/or neck pain, headache and/or migraine, tendonitis, leg pain and/or foot pain. It may include use of muscle gel, cupping, stretching techniques, hot or cold therapy.

45 Min – $95     60 Min – $125

Youth Session

A 45 or 60 minute upper body session that focuses on areas of tension in youth & teens. Often teens suffer with muscle pain and headache due to use of technology, sitting hunched over a computer/cell phone, carrying books & backpacks, physical activities as long with stress from school, friends and exams.

45 Min – $95     60 Min – $125

Initial Referral

If you have been referred from your Doctor, Counsellor, Psychologist or another health care provider, please book this 60 minute initial visit. This may include an assessment along with a more detailed intake as part of your initial treatment.

60 Min – $125

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