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I am passionate about massage therapy as gentle support for those struggling with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression or grief, individuals and families experiencing life transitions, and senior care.

I specialize in treatments for high-level stress, corporate burnout, work/life overwhelm and trauma support – which for some people have become chronic issues. Integrated mind/body approach to treatments is now recognized as vital care. I utilize non-invasive techniques to support all clients, especially those who may be experiencing feelings of overwhelm.

I believe in meeting my clients within their comfort level of healing, without judgement or restrictions. Compassion, knowledge, and a gentle guiding hand are offered to assist you on your journey to wellness and a peaceful state of mind.

Creating an integrated, healing community in a warm welcoming environment has always been my dream.  It is time to bridge the disconnect between mind and body, and support our whole being – mentally, physically, systematically, and emotionally through connectedness and community with purposeful mind-body treatments.

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Here is just one example of the benefits of having a treatment plan:

I love it when my clients improve! I had a new client recently who was experiencing significant arm & shoulder pain due to the nature of her work. She had stopped exercising because she was afraid to cause more pain. I discussed a treatment plan with her and I was so excited to hear that after 3 treatments she was feeling much better – so much so that she has started back exercising! She now understands the benefits of having a treatment plan when necessary and then maintaining her care with occasional “top up” treatments.

– Sandra Gibson, RMT & Owner

Inspire Wellness

Glenbrook Medical Building
#103, 4306 Richmond Road SW  
Calgary, Alberta
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Monday to Friday12:30pm - 6:00pm
Occasional Saturdays12:30pm - 6:00pm