As many of you know, I am a huge advocate for taking care of your mental health and wellbeing. This is part of my passion as a specialized Massage Therapist!  Massage can be a supportive tool during emotionally turbulent times, such as going through a divorce, experiencing loss, grief, the aftereffects of trauma or struggling with depression and/or anxiety.

You may feel awkward about seeking massage care if you are feeling emotional or overwhelmed, when in fact that is often a time you will benefit the most 

It can be natural for the body to express emotion during a massage due the intimate nature of the modality, along with possible feelings of vulnerability and the fact that emotions are sometimes stored in the body and our soft tissues. These repressed emotions often manifest as pain or discomfort.  Various sensations may begin to arise once the nervous system is calmed, and pain begins to subside.  It is essential to be in a supportive environment to help facilitate any emotional experience and release.  

I also understand firsthand just how beneficial massage can be for your mental health, especially when coupled with psychotherapy. After a talk therapy session, it is helpful to be quiet and nestle with your feelings to help process the session. My personalized massage treatments offer that peaceful serenity along with the benefits of calming the central nervous system to help you further decompress – making for a perfect pairing with counselling. While I am not a talk therapist, I will hold healing space for you and any emotions you may experience before, during or following a session.  

Here is an interesting article from the Mayo Clinic on massage and mental health:

Please understand that my treatment room is a safe, inclusive, and confidential space where emotional release and expression is supported – free from fear or judgement. I encourage my clients to do whatever makes them comfortable if they are feeling self-conscious about tears or emotions, and to feel free to wear a hat or sunglasses into or when leaving the treatment room.  It is truly a place for you to rest, relax and be yourself.